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by on March 20, 2018
If you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to find a local networking group that meets your needs, maybe the next step is building your own! Building a great local networking group can be a profitable way to connect like-minded business people and build revenue at the same time. Think of who should join. Who can benefit the most from your networking group? Blue collar business people, white color business people, members of the tech industry, banking industry, local shop owners? Whoever y...
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by on March 20, 2018
Even the best business networkers need a little inspiration from time to time! When developing meaningful leads groups and attending numerous business networking events starts wearing you down, these meaningful business networking quotes are a great way to lift your spirits and keep you going from one great networking event opportunity to the next. To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you an...
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by on March 20, 2018
The word “networking” has taken on a negative image because some multi-level marketing companies put it in a bad light. The promise of earning approximately $1,000 weekly does not sound bad at all, especially if all you have to do to reel in the cash is “network”. This is rather unfortunate because networking is actually a good thing, and it can help you in so many ways be it for business or recreation. That's if you know how to do it properly. People in business have a love and hate relat...
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by on January 19, 2018
Many entrepreneurs and business owners go to business networking events, but only a few of them practice effective networking techniques. When attending a business networking event, it’s important to comfortably mingle with like-minded professionals in a way that’s mutually beneficial. The more you practice these networking tips, the more successful you will be at local business networking events. 1. Ask and remember names. There’s power in using the name of someone you just met in a conve...
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by on January 19, 2018
Leads groups are a great way to ensure you always have the best leads at your fingertips. But how do you build a great leads group? The steps are easier than you might think, and can have great sales results. 1. Determine your demographic. Think about who your ideal client is. What age group are they? What industry are they in? What products are they interested? Determining your ideal demographics is an important step in building a leads group. 2. Set expectations. What can members o...
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by on January 19, 2018
Creating a great social media strategy can be tricky, but answering these 7 questions will help you move in the direction of a successful social media campaign. Here's helpful information on how to create an effective social media strategy. 1. What are your goals? Write down your current fan and follower base, the amount that you currently post/tweet, and your current average engagement for each social media platform. Determine your goals in the next month and each month after that for the...
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