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It is better to give than receive, especially when it comes to referral marketing. Share leads with your referral network online and they will do the same!

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As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to find time to attend networking events. However, I don't want that to stop me from meeting new business professionals and building relationships.

This is why I created Regardless of where I am or what time it is, I can still network and exchange sales leads. Here's hoping will help you build new and profitable relationships.

Matthew Pomar
Founder –

Image is a business-to-business online service where you can network with business owners, business developers and professionals to expand your referral network and trade pre-qualified sales leads.

Face-to-face meetings build trust and strengthen relationships. makes is easier to discover other business professionals and establish new connections. Think of our service as a supplement to your in-person meetings and not a replacement.

A leads group, also know as a lead exchange group, sales lead group, or business networking group, is an organization of business owners, business developers and other professionals who collaborate with one another for the benefit of the group as a whole, often trading leads, making referrals, and providing each other with other useful information and advice.

You can find and join a group using the public groups directory at Additionally, helps you identify individuals in your geographic location and afar who you can network with and start your own leads group.

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