About LeadsGroup

What Is It?

LeadsGroup.com is a business networking site to help you establish harmonious and profitable connections with other business owners and business developers in your local area and abroad. We provide tools that enable you to network with other local members, start or join networking/lead sharing groups, share business opportunities, and find local networking events.

We believe establishing quality business connections can go a long way to building a steady stream of pre-qualified sales leads, referrals, and business opportunities. Where the other sites try to appeal to all people for all things, our focus is to help you, the business owner, business developer, or professional make the personal connections to help build your business.

What It's Not...

LeadsGroup.com is not a place to advertise your "business opportunity", legitimate or not, nor is it a place to try to recruit downline for your network marketing business. We encourage you to signup only if you market a legitimate product or service and are looking to establish strategic relationships with others who are doing the same.

How It Works

Start by registering and setting up your free business profile. After you create your account, you can browse other member profiles, start online conversations with other members, start or join networking or lead sharing groups, share business opportunities, and find local networking events you can attend.

Why It Works

It's no secret that referral, or word-of-mouth advertising, is perhaps the most effective and least expensive form of marketing a business can take advantage of. So why don't more businesses embrace this strategy? Because it is hard to get up extra early to make it to that early morning networking breakfast or to stop by the bar for that evening mixer after working all day at the office.

LeadsGroup.com attracts business owners, business developers, and other professionals who are looking to develop relationships with people/companies for whom they have synergy. We make it easier than ever to establish valuable business connections with whom you can network and share business opportunities with.

What It Costs

LeadsGroup.com is currently in (still) BETA status. During this time there is no charge for our service. All we ask is for you to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can make the service more useful and profitable for you and your group.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for a FREE account!