Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a business-to-business (B2B) web service where you can network with business owners, business developers and professionals to expand your referral network and trade pre-qualified sales leads.

What is a leads group?

A leads group, also know as a lead exchange group, sales lead group, or business networking group, is an organization of business owners, business developers and other professionals who collaborate with one another for the benefit of the group as a whole, often trading leads, making referrals, and providing each other with other useful information and advice.

What if I don't have a leads group?

You may find and join a group using the public lead groups directory at Additionally, helps you identify individuals in your geographic location and afar who you may network with and start your own leads group.

What are points and what are they for?

Members earn points by performing activities that make the service useful and beneficial for everyone. Conversely, points are removed from members if they abuse the service, such as by spamming other members or posting inappropriate content. A member's score is the sum of all points they have earned since they joined the service. A member's account may be removed if their score falls below 0. This helps us deliver the highest quality service possible.

What are Top Leaders and Upcoming Members?

Top Leaders are all-time highest score earners. These are the movers and shakers of the service. Upcoming Members are those who have joined in the last 30 days and have earned a higher score than others who joined during the same period. Pay attention to both of these groups of members.

How do I upload my photo to my profile?

We use the free Gravatar service for our member's avatars. The email address you specify when you register is used by Gravatar to display your avatar.

If you choose not to a setup a free Gravatar, a standard avatar will be displayed instead.

How do I become a Featured Member?

At our discretion, we choose to feature members to show on our home page and other common pages. To be considered as a featured member, simply contact us with your full name and login name and we'll review your profile for inclusion. To be considered, you must at least have your full profile completed and have uploaded your profile photo to Gravatar service.