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10 Social Media Content Ideas Worth Sharing









Need some help thinking of what to post to social next? The following list contains 10 great social media content ideas for Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Periscope, and just about any platform.


1. Quotes - Choosing quotes that your audience will relate to usually works well. Funny, inspiring, and informative quotes are a good idea.

Visual quotes perform best on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Typing these quotes will most likely create higher engagement on twitter, though.


2. Infographics - Infographics typically perform very well on LinkedIn and Pinterest. Just make sure the stats your sharing reflects your audience. Think of sharing things that they'll find interesting. Click here for some ideas.


3. Fill-in-the-blank posts - "My favorite food to cook is __________." Fill-in-the-blank posts are a great way to increase engagement on just about any social platform. Just make sure it's engaging to your audience, and not just you or your company.


4. Behind-the-scenes shots - Everyone likes to know what's going on behind the curtains. Share great shots of your employees or office behind the scenes. You can take pictures for Facebook and Instagram, or even share video footage on YouTube or Periscope.


5. Questions - Your social audience has a very short attention span, so make sure these questions pertain to your audience and are fast and easy to answer. Questions are a great way to increase engagement on just about any social platform.


6. Product creation - Your fans and followers will most likely respond well to what their favorite foods or products look like while they're being created. You can share images to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or even share video footage on YouTube or Periscope.


7. Resurrecting an old blog post - It's okay to share old blog posts when they're not time sensitive. In fact, this is a great way to boost your site's SEO value by increasing site traffic while increasing social engagement.


8. Business input - Ask your fans and followers for their input on business decisions. They'll love getting involved, and it's a great way to learn what your customers want.


9. Product footage - When simple, non-salesy, professional photos and videos are shared of your products and services along with a shortened link, you can expect your engagement and sales to go up.


10. A link to a conterversal blog post - Nothing stirs the engagement pot quite like a little controversy. Just be careful to ensure it doesn't disrupt your brand's image or mission statement.


There are hundreds of other great social media content ideas depending on specific goals. Need help with social media graphic design or content creation? Click here to contact us.



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