Shannon Harper

How to Build a Great Leads Group


Leads groups are a great way to ensure you always have the best leads at your fingertips. But how do you build a great leads group? The steps are easier than you might think, and can have great sales results.


  1. Determine your demographic. Think about who your ideal client is. What age group are they? What industry are they in? What products are they interested? Determining your ideal demographics is an important step in building a leads group.


  1. Set expectations. What can members of your leads group expect? What do you expect to obtain from the members of your leads group? How is this group mutually beneficial? Think about how you can deliver the most value to members of a leads group, so they can deliver the best value for you.


  1. Use technology. is by far the best way for you to find leads groups, or build a leads group that works best for you. Get creative with how you build your groups.


  1. Meet up. If the members of your leads group are local, it might be a good idea to create local business networking events to meet up. This will allow you to share leads and really expand on the meaningful leads group business relationships.


Building a great leads group doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and the possibilities are endless. As long as you determine the best members, set clear expectations, use online tools such as, and try to meet up with local members, you can expect great results!


Posted By: Shannon Harper 7 years ago

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