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How to Build a Local Networking Group



If you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to find a local networking group that meets your needs, maybe the next step is building your own! Building a great local networking group can be a profitable way to connect like-minded business people and build revenue at the same time.


1. Think of who should join. Who can benefit the most from your networking group? Blue collar business people, white color business people, members of the tech industry, banking industry, local shop owners?  Whoever you choose as your target demographic, make sure that this networking event involves networking activities that are beneficial to them.


2. Find a venue. If you would like a local business networking event with alcohol, make sure you reach out to upper-scale bars that create the ideal business networking environment. If you are simply interested in a venue, look for a venue that has the look and feel that you would like to portray at your networking event. No matter where you choose to hold your business networking event, make sure there is enough space to accommodate your event. Get a few venue quotes, compare prices, and decide which business networking venue works best for you.


3. Determine a payment amount/gateway for your networking event. Many people choose because it has a very user-friendly platform. Use the money you receive from your networking event to pay for hors d’oeuvres or drink tickets, the venue costs, etc.


4. Send invites. Send invites to everyone who you think could benefit from your networking group, and don’t forget a link to make it easy for them to make their business networking event ticket purchases.

Creating a local business networking event is a great way to strengthen your connections on, make some extra money, and develop meaningful business relationships with these business networking strategies.


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