Matthew Pomar

Return of the Blog

LeadsGroup BlogI am happy to announce that the blog feature has been returned back to you! In a previous version of our site, I had disabled this feature in an effort to get other, more urgent features out. I have finally been able to get back around and enable this great feature.

So why should you care about the blog? Well, because it allows you to create posts that anyone searching the internet can find. It allows you to show off your knowledge and promote your expertise. It can help establish your expertise and help grow your prefessional network.

Write posts about the topics you are an expert in. Your posts should complement your business profile on this site. Stay focused on educating your audience and stay far, far, far away from promoting yourself, your brand, or your "offer".

I hope you take full advantage of these great feature. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Now go make it happen!


Posted By: Matthew Pomar 7 years ago

Category: Marketing

Tags: blog, content, expertise