Charlie Kim
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Houston, TX, USA

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Charlie Kim

Hi there! I specialize in helping people to retire Tax-Free(that's right), protect their assets & most importantly protect their families using various life insurance products/strategies. It seems to me the biggest thing that many people are starting to worry about when it comes to retirement is Taxes. Three really important questions to ask yourselves: "By the time I retire, would taxes have gone up?" "So what percentage of my retirement funds will end up going to Uncle Sam when I do retire?" and "So what can I do today to make sure that does not happen, and what product/strategy will I need to retire Tax Free?" Ladies & gentlemen, this is my specialty and my mission is to help everyone I come into contact to help secure their future....Tax Free!

One of the reasons why I got into the business of life insurance & retirement planning was really because I wanted to understand it for my own personal use. It took me a little while because there are so many financial products but when I finally started understanding how all of these various life insurance, annuity, IRA, & retirement products worked and if strategized correctly how they would benefit me, I fell in love and I became my best client. The moment I started believing in the products/services I had for my clients, I started getting calls, then a little more volume in calls and then I finally realized that my clients have been sending me lots & lots of referrals! It was really mysterious to me at first where those leads were coming from. But the bottom line is because I believed, other people people believed in me & the services I provide. My main focus right now is helping people to acheive Tax Free Retirement by creating a specific strategy using life insurance & annuity products. I can help anyone based on their own individual budgets and maximize their retirement growth for every dollar they invest. The great part of this type of retirement planning is that it does several unique things for your living benefits: Tax shelter for your assets, Tax free Income, Emergency funds w/o penalty, Death benefit for your family, Disability income, Mortgage protection & more. I also help people "find" the money to contribute to this type of product so in some cases they don't even have to do extra budgeting for their new retirement plan. I recommend this plan to anyone(young or older) who has at some point given a serious thought for not only their retirement, but also the living benefits throughout their years towards retirement.