Jannell Bowman
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Jannell Bowman

I want to help the world feel better. For your health and for your lifestyle, please check out my website at jannell.bodywise.com - you can email me from there and read my story.

I was introduced to Body Wise about 20 plus years ago. I was young and full of fantasies that I would get rich overnight. I did make money, but more important than anything else, the quality of the products and the company stuck with me. These products are pharmaceutical grade and manufactured in an FDA licensed facility ... both rare distinctions of excellence in the crowded field of vitamins. The most important distinction with Body Wise is; what is on the label, is in the product, no more, no less. They are absorbed at the cellular level and guaranteed 1st pass effect within 30 minutes, and therefore utilized by the body as they should be…this is something the off the shelf supplements just don’t offer … and, unlike the store brands, there are no chemicals, even in the coatings.

This is the only product that I have ever believed in 100%. This applies to the company and the products. I have taken many other supplements over the years and never experienced what I get with Body Wise. Back then I had some joint stiffness and swelling, I put myself on the Right Choice AM-PMs, and the Joint Complete…it took about two months but the swelling has never returned, and the stiffness disappeared as well. I have also utilized the meal replacement shakes a few times when I needed to lose weight and they worked!

After many years of life’s challenges, I put myself back on the Right Choice AM-PM’s and the Elance Meal Replacement Shakes, simply for my health. After only a few weeks my hair grew at least half an inch and after a couple of months, it had grown another couple of inches (I’ve never been able to grow my hair). My mood is also more balanced, therefore I am weaning off of my anti-depressants. My charlie horse cramps and jumpy legs that woke me every night, are virtually gone, and I require less sleep. I couldn’t be happier.

My mom was a person with not much money, but she was very into her nutrition. She replaced her multi-vitamin and the many other specific vitamins she was taking, with the Body Wise products. Not only was she in awe that she could actually feel the difference, and that they reduced unwanted cravings, but it was actually more affordable than buying all the individual supplements that she was taking.

I am now a Body Wise Independent Consultant starting over with a more realistic dream. I am excited to add the AG-Immune to my régime to combat things like the stress, exercise and abuse we all put our bodies through and what the environment, processed food, air quality etc. have done. My life is half over and it’s time to start repairing the damage that has rooted itself in my immune system, and get healthy!

Oh and by the way I’m making money too! Body Wise still has the best compensation plan whether you want to build a business, or simply get paid a referral fee when people ask you what you’re doing differently. You can get paid for simply getting healthy and telling others how great you feel!