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Des Colleran

Most small business owners have a dream for their business. They might wish to grow the company by merger or acquisition, or with a new minor equity partner (investor). Perhaps they just want to sell the company and simply retire. Were you ever inclined to own your own business? Did you know that with proper structuring a 401-K can be used to partially fund a purchase. There is no “out of pocket cost” to such business owners. It may be worth a brief discussion to explore their options. This will be done in total confidence. We bring Buyers and sellers together. Oddly enough we have more qualified “buyers” (investors) than “sellers” even in this economy. We are looking for some small to medium size businesses in the Southern California (and especially Orange County) area….with annual revenues $750,000 to $50 Million and at least a three year track record. Please do not hesitate to call if you or someone you know would be interested in talking.

Being your own boss... this is a dream for many.
It is surprisingly inexpensive to acquire a small company if you have approximately 20% as a down payment.

When we complete a full Valuation on a company our clients can have confidence that they are getting into a company that is correctly valued. Our intent is it to help the buyer / investor, understand fully what you are getting into... and what you can expect as a return on your investment.

We expect most of our "sellers" / business owners, to continue to offer their expertise and experience to you the buyer so you can benefit from their experience and contacts. This can be done with a 20% carry back, for a short negotiated period of time, by the seller. This gives both parties some "skin in the game". Usually an SBA loan will fill in the other 60% of the purchase price.

We are interested in meeting investors, as well as sellers of companies, $1 Million to $50 Million, with a minimum of three years track record.