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Andrew Watson

Fastenal is a company where I am an outside sales representative selling all types of industrial and construction supplies. I primarily target manufacturing and distribution facilities but I also have customers on construction jobsites. Datatel1 is a telecommunications brokerage company where I am an agent representing over 85 voice and data carriers. I primarily target companies which are in the moving process, adding locations and any company looking to upgrade their telecom system or save money on their current telecom bill.

Most of my customers are manufacturing and distribution facilities where I have a close working relationship with upper management and purchasing managers. I usually visit these customers a couple times a week and spend a good amount of time trying to learn their business. By doing that I feel I can capture other business' i have not yet pursued. I directly contact over 300 companies a month where I continue to build relationships and pursue sales opportunity. My territory has just over 7,000 business, many of those are large facilities due to the fact that the geographic area I am in is among the cheapest places in the state to do business. Since the recession began we found an increase in our business due in part to companies relocating to our area to reduce operating costs. Since I spend so much time in these businesses I have a chance to hear what is going on internally. The things they are happy with and the things they are having trouble with. With Datatel I am targeting businesses that are in the moving process or adding locations, and of course any company in need of telecom services. Being a broker for over 85 telecom company's gives me a wide range of solutions to offer a customer. I am not simply trying to persuade them to sign with one specific company. I provide the solution that fits that specific company the best.