Steven Souva Jr
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Steven Souva Jr

Energy Expert, saving home owners tons of $$. Set up a free in home Energy Audit today!! I will provide a full home evaluation and recommendations. MI, OH ·

There are many factors to consider when choosing an insulation product. The cost of purchasing and installing the insulation is often a major consideration. It’s important for homeowners to also take into account the substantial savings that result over time from adding insulation, based on performance. When it comes to choosing an insulation product, the cheapest alternative is most often not the least expensive over time. There are environmental issues to consider as well for homeowners interested in also lowering their carbon footprint and environmental impacts. My job is to address the major issues related to the performance and value of various types of insulation to assist homeowners in making an informed decision. The common insulation types are compared against some key performance indicators. Cellulose Insulation is not always the least expensive option at installation, but clearly out performs other products long-term with its energy-savings properties and superior environmental benefits. Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation can reduce your utility bill by up to 40%; as Applegate Insulation not only greatly reduces the flow of heat, but by also significantly reducing the amount of air which can enter your home. Outside air which enters a building can carry; the outside temperature, moisture and pollutants into a home, causing high utility bills as well as structural damage or even health problems. Applegate Insulation, by reducing air infiltration, also helps to keep the conditioned air already inside your home where it belongs!!