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Joseph Costa

Through seminars provide education about the critical value of sleep quality to overall health and quality of life. Provide solutions to improve sleep process. Company mission is to ultimately make the flat bed configuration obsolete since the flat bed, as a culturally accepted sleep surface is profoundly damaging physiologically.

Why is the positionof the body so important?
There is a major difference between adjusting your bed for your best sleep versus trying to adjust your body to fit a flat surface.
Whether you have back problems, poor circulation, gastric reflux, arthritis, nighttime heartburn, headaches or simply want to get the best night’s sleep, the Heads-Up Adjustable Sleep System is your best choice.
Becoming proactive with your sleep needs, including your quality of sleep, is the sure path to a better quality of life. How many things are you doing today the same way it was done 100, 50 or even 25 years ago?
We learn from our experiences and make improvements. Why then are we still sleeping flat when medical research has proven the way we sleep has a dramatic effect on our overall health and quality of life?
Go to any hospital, virtually anywhere in the world and you will find an adjustable bed. That’s because the medical industry has always known that true comfort and sleep quality depends on the position of the body.
Shouldn’t we have the same benefit at home?
The bed you sleep on is one of the most important investments you can make. The Heads-Up Adjustable Sleep System is the only one that makes sense.