Brian Teague
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Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

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Brian Teague

I am proud to represent HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We are focused on serving the life, health, retirement and long-term care insurance needs of small businesses and middle-income families and individuals. I personally meet with my clients to understand their needs and provide objective guidance and solutions. Please contact me looking to set up a new network group. Phone 702-708-3593

Health Markets has a unique perspective on the customer experience at every level and I am committed to utilizing my interpersonal and communication skills to ensure that each customer feels valued and respected. I am adept at working in a diverse customer environment and providing a safe, comfortable and inclusive customer experience by identifying and promptly resolving individual needs and expectations. I fully understand the importance of state and federal compliance, world-class service and bringing a winning attitude to every situation to ensure a positive customer experience. I am able to handle Business Group Health Insurance on and off the exchange, Life Insurance and Supplemental insurance in challenging situations with poise and diplomacy, appropriately apply policy and procedure and work as team to create an engaging environment for customers of all ages, personalities, cultures and backgrounds.