Betty Smith
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Naperville, IL 60567, USA

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Betty Smith

I am a real estate investor that assists individuals INTO real estate investing either actively thru comprehensive education or passively thru investment options as equity partners. I also guide people thru the difficult process of getting OUT OF their real estate investments as a result of severe financial hardship.

Jill Claypool Inc is a full service company for anyone interested in any aspect of real estate investing. It is no secret that now has never been a better time to involve yourself in investing either actively or passively.
Fear, lack of knowledge, money and time are typically the reasons why folks don't take that leap of faith and move forward. I have the solutions.

For example, how is your current investment portfolio performing? Many individuals are seeking alternative options. But, you say, I will be penalized and taxed if I take my funds out of my investment vehicle...IRA, 401k, Roth 401k.

That's where my expertise can help...self directing, a strategy being used in massive proportions by sophisticated investors, is a little known technique that allows a person to take funds out of their investment vehicles and invest in real estate legally and without penalty.

Protect your hard earned money with brick and mortar! My services are here for you.