Jared King
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Memphis, TN 38117, USA

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Jared King

KW Building Systems exists for the purpose of keeping your place of business ready for business by providing effective, timely, and quality service. Our systems and drive for total client fulfillment is what sets us apart in our industry. We want for you to not have to think about the quality of your building. We will do that for you.

We are excited to announce the grand opening of KW Building Systems now serving the greater Memphis area. With over 16 years of experience in Arizona, we are bringing the total client fulfillment experience to you. Our core values reflect who we are:
People matter, therefore our relationships matter
All the details are important
Doing better than expected is the normal standard of performance
Communication is 90% of our job
Total honesty is totally expected
From the time we walk into a client's place of business everything we see and touch is owned by the client-we do not steal
Our presence in a place of business should be as transparent as possible
We own all our mistakes, omissions, and oversights and will do everything possible to correct them.

Our team:
Our entire team is comprised of people who innately take pride in their jobs. All team members are required to take a drug test and are fully trained in every aspect of maintaining your place of business. Team members wear uniforms and are easily identified by picture identification badges.

Overall our systems are what set us apart. We are there to ensure that you never have to think about your building being ready for business. We take pride in maintaining oversight and accountability throughout the company which ensures your place of business will be ready for business everyday.