Kimm Oilar
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Redding, CA, USA

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Kimm Oilar

Kimm Oilar has come from Boot camp to Finance. She was a Military Police officer serving in Korea, Washington DC and Georgia. She has been a speaker and entrepreneurial coach for over a decade. She is very passionate about owning her own time and teaching people how to own theirs. She decided to pursue the financial industry after realizing that so many Americans need help and education when it comes to their financial decisions.

Kimm Is the owner of the Money Smart Movement in Redding California. She specializes in financial education. She educates on the 5 Gotchas of money and how her clients can beat economy inflation, protect their family, get out of debt, student loan forgiveness, have a three month emergency fund and save on their taxes. Her parents were entrepreneurs and taught her the importance of owning her own destiny by being in control of her income and time. She coaches all generations on how to do just that and has a vehicle that they can use to get to the life style they have only dreamed of living.